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Advertise With Freshbump

June 6th, 2012

Advertise with FreshBump

Freshbump is a daily visual inspiration source for young contemporary Style and Design, that also features hot coolhunter topics such as industrial design, travel trends and cutting edge artists.

Audience Statistics:
60K Visitors Monthly
150K Pageviews

Our Visitors
Gender: 52% male
On a budget: 55% HHI <$50k per yr
Young College-Age: 28% 18-24

Audience Desires
Freshbump fans are aspiring, fashionable up and comers who are obsessed with style, how the other half lives, and how to get a piece of it for themselves. We love Conrad hotels, highbrow tattoo designs, Steven Meisel, contemporary architecture, 3-D printing, New Era Sesame Street hats.

How to Advertise with Freshbump

You can buy direct advertising on Format via an easy, self-service platform provided by our partner

1) Pick the ad inventory you wish to purchase.
2) Check date availability.
3) Place your order: register, pay, upload your creative.