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Peter Varga

August 20th, 2010


Peter Varga was born in Slovakia in 1981. He currently works as an industrial and graphic designer. He also does freelance and designer work for +421 DESIGN STUDIO. Peter is currently living in Bratislava.

Oney Bike

14th International Bicycle Design Competition 2010, Taiwan, merit prize
Oneybike is a leisure bicycle concept inspired by the classical highwheeler simplicity, connected with comfort of recumbent bike. All together designed in modern lines and features, with little bit of retro feeling. The folding mechanism is made really simple and effective, which makes this bike easy to use and ride.

Module Fridge

Whirlpool Design Contest Czech & Slovak Republic 2003, 1st prize
Build the fridge as big as you need. Need more space in your fridge? Add another piece.


11th International Bicycle Design Competition 2006, Taiwan, excellent prize
Inspired by a traditional cyclo but designed in new features, which suit the needs of modern city. Additional removable e-power placed inside the back wheel helps with the ride.

Add Flower

A simple table lamp combined with a flower vase.


Bike simply folds in just 2-3 seconds. Bike still stands on its wheels, no problem with handling. Very easy to use, drive and store.

More Info: Peter Varga