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September 1st, 2010

Kue 01

I started taking an interest in graffiti / street art when I was about 13. There was something different about it something that set it apart from boring landscape painting or your run of the mill painting. I think it was the colours, the styles, the freedom to paint your thoughts, your mind, or just paint because you like it.

After writing a few bubble letters and scrawling my name here, there and everywhere, I read a Banksy’s piece and this changed everything for me. It was a witty, funny, smart, but still, as an artist I had never even thought about stencils, so I kept painting and started cutting letters out. I kept pushing and pushing my work to new levels but still keep that gritty graffiti feel.

I paint with all sorts, really. I always make sure I use as much spray paint as I can, but I like to use scraps of paper to move paint around, and scratch the surface, as well as posca pens just to keep it fresh and clean – ish. This has been a bit hard for me to write because writing a bio about myself is a bit boring. There isn’t much to say about me as a person and its not me you want to know – its my art. So I hope this is enough, just a short story about how this all happened for me. Please check out my website for more info on my work.

Blue Mask

Kue 02
This a who I wanted to be when I started street art/graffiti (no matter what anyone says, its the same thing). I wanted to be this mysterious character, someone who changed boring bland grey walls, who made amazing art but no one knew, apart from this blue mask he wore. Kind like a dark knight of the graffiti world. I love this piece, after I had finished it I hung it straight on my wall (I have released a series of prints in red of this image which are now sold out but the green edition is coming soon).


Kue 03
This is one of my favorite pieces I have done in a while. It really has no meaning apart from grenades and weapons can be messy. I added some old school graffiti in the back ground just to show throw behind the grenade.

Masked In The City

Kue 04
I love this piece. It started based on Spider-Man in all honesty, but I chopped, changed it so it had more style and a darker meaning to it. The city is a messy place over the buildings’s night life and the atmosphere of the place there’s the pollution, the people. Where some people would see it as a place of beauty others will see the beauty it has covered up

Wooden Girl

Kue 05
This is my most recent piece. It was intended to be a real clean, sharp piece but that isn’t my style, and it looks too produced when finished such that it has no personality, so I needed to put my own style into my work. I think I really have with this, it’s rough, it’s messy and it still shows very clearly this creepy image, which is what I wanted to do with this. It’s not easy only using spray paint but I think I pulled it off.


Kue 06
This piece was my first real stencil. I used it on everything. I did some real great pieces of this, so I thought I’d do one last piece, which is this one, before I chucked the stencil (which is now years old). I know its old and simple, but everyone starts somewhere and this is where I started.

More Info: If they want war