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Adam Beane

August 25th, 2010


Born in Massachusetts, Adam Beane is a sculptor whose work speaks for itself. By 2002, Adam had sculpted the human figure 4 times; twice in high school and twice more in college. From 1999 to 2001 Adam worked in two toy-prototype shops as a machinist where he used a variety of materials to produce everything from toy trucks to squirt guns. In the course of his jobs Adam was occasionally called on to use his burgeoning sculpting abilities to produce renditions of characters from children’s movies and TV shows. That was the extent of his forays into sculpting until 2002, when he had an opportunity to try sculpting sports figures as a freelancer for McFarlane Toys. He immediately took to it and by the end of the year had become one of their top freelance sculptors. Frustrated by the limitations of all sculpting materials available, Adam invented CX5, a tremendously versatile material that handles like clay when warm, but is hard as plastic when cool. CX5 is completely reusable and can be sanded, polished or melted and cast into molds. Sculptor turned entrepreneur, Adam is making the material commercially available by the end of the year. Additionally, Adam will be offering sculpture workshops and instructional videos.

Barack Obama

!! Esquire Obama new
“Commander in Chief”. In February, 2010, Esquire Magazine contacted Adam to sculpt Barack Obama for their “People Who Matter” issue. Completed in record time to meet a tight deadline, Adam still managed to capture the spirit and resolve of the man who made history before even taking office.

Paulo DiCanio

!Paolo DiCanio
“5.5 inches of sound and fury”. Completed just in time for the 2005 World Cup for Swiss company, Fanatico figures. DiCanio is depicted here in his signature post goal celebration. I’ve always loved sculpting sports figures, because in general, it incorporates dynamic poses, extreme expressions and interesting clothing folds.

Evangeline Lilly

! Evangeline Lilly
“A trifecta of challenges”. Adam Beane sculpted this piece in 2006 as a 3D business card; to showcase his ability to sculpt nuanced expressions while still capturing an accurate likeness. He chose Evangeline Lilly as a subject because of her nuanced expressions and strikingly unique features and also because women’s faces are considered harder to sculpt than men’s. The portrait has since garnered kudos from the public, other sculptors and from Evangeline herself.

Shaun of the Dead

!Shaun and Ed - MAIN SHOT
“You’ve got red on you”. These portraits were sculpted for Sideshow Collectibles in 2008 to commemorate the genre-defining cult classic film Shaun of the Dead. One of Adam’s most enjoyable projects to date because not only do Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have wonderfully expressive faces, but also because it’s one of Adam’s favorite movies.


!Luke Hoth- MAIN SHOT
“Ambush on Hoth”. Another tour de force sculpted for Sideshow Collectibles in 2006. A dramatized re-imagining of a scene from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. This was an inherently challenging piece which Adam pushed to the edge of technical feasibility. Incorporating a vast array of textures, organic and inorganic forms, it took months of painstaking work to get the pieces to fit seamlessly together.

More Info: Adam Beane