/ creative retouching / CGI

Simplex postproduction is a team of professional designers, illustrators and retouchers.
We specialize in developing high-quality print advertising with the use of 3D technologies,
creative retouching techniques and photo manipulation.

Our clients are large companies and graphic design studios from around the world
such as Megaphone, Zippo, Jaguar, Nissan,LG,Audi, Leo Burnett, Carlsberg, Sberbank, Chesterfield, Ford, Visa.

We are ready to execute your project from concept to implementation
with the best quality and on time. Thank you.Read more…

Digital art by Mathieu Schatzler

I’ve started my career in 2005 as a webdesigner, and became Art Director at Wokine, a eight years old french web design studio. After working on all kind of web projects, I’ve started a Freelance career in 2009 in addition to my Art Director day job, opening new doors in the design marketplaces.Read more…

End of the World Photo Manipulations

Today’s collection is going to be kind of dark as we’ll be presenting photo manipulations / digital artworks on how the end of the world or life after a large catastrophe could possibly look like. The creativity has no boundaries and that’s exactly what it feels like after viewing featured artworks. Anyway, scroll through and get inspired. Drop us a comment or two .). Enjoy!Read more…

Cool Water Photo Manipulations

Hi Guys! It should be pretty much clear what will be today’s collection all about … we’ll be presenting around 50 quality photo manipulations featuring water, splashes or spills. All our handpicked artworks are stunning and I am sure they’ll offer plenty of inspiration. As you’ll notice, most of the artworks are advertising related, but you’ll find some neat non-commercial experiments as well .). Enjoy!Read more…