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Liu Di Plays With Proportions Between The Animate and Inanimate.

Scale is digitally manipulated in the multiple series of “Animal Regulation” by Chinese artist Liu Di. Here’s a look at the initial six works and additions to the series that include human nudes, a cockroach and more animals

20 Celebrity Cavemen

The best 20 Famous Cavemen effects competition entries from six of Worth 1000's Celebrity Neanderthals contests.

Cars Painted With LED Lights Continue To Gain Speed.

Marc Cameron and photographer Mark Brown teamed up to create a series of \”Light Painted\” sports cars shot at well known locales in London. Initially launched in November 2009, the ongoing project continues as they add more and newer cars to their series, including a series of F1 (Formula One) race cars.

Invisible Hieroglyphics. Turning Touchscreen Residue Into Art.

Andre Woolery and Victor AbiJaoudi II studied how people interact with some of the most popular apps on the iPad (e.g. Angry Birds, e-mail, Facebook, Temple Run, Twitter, Camera and Fruit Ninja). They then preserved the fingerprints and strokes left behind by the grease from use by photographing them and turning them into actual artworks you can buy. / creative retouching / CGI

Simplex postproduction is a team of professional designers, illustrators and retouchers.
We specialize in developing high-quality print advertising with the use of 3D technologies,
creative retouching techniques and photo manipulation.

Our clients are large companies and graphic design studios from around the world
such as Megaphone, Zippo, Jaguar, Nissan,LG,Audi, Leo Burnett, Carlsberg, Sberbank, Chesterfield, Ford, Visa.

We are ready to execute your project from concept to implementation
with the best quality and on time. Thank you.

Vintage Lightroom Presets – a one stop shop for all your photography post production tools like Camera Raw Presets, Adobe Lightroom Presets, Fashion Lightroom Presets, Vintage Lightroom Presets.

Heads by Thorsten Schmidtkord

Very originals heads photo manipulations by Thorsten Schmidtkord. Enjoy!

Victorian Surrealism by Jeffrey Harp

My name is Jeffrey Micheal Harp and I am a tattoo artist. I like old comics, the occult, antiques, movies, good design, and spending time with my amazing wife and our dog Shishi.

Beautiful Water Photo Manipulations

Below are the 25 Magnificent Photo Manipulation of Water that will definitely inspire our audience.

Aliens by Francesco Sambo

Very interesting and unique photo manipulations by Francesco Sambo from Venice, Italy. Enjoy ;)

Photo Manipulations by CHRISTOPHE HUET

Phenomenal photography manipulation portfolio by Christophe Huet, a photographer from France.

Photo Manipulations by Abdullah M. Alhourani

Creative photo manipulations by Abdullah M. Alhourani, talented male photographer and web graphic designer currently based in Jordan.

Digital art by Mathieu Schatzler

I’ve started my career in 2005 as a webdesigner, and became Art Director at Wokine, a eight years old french web design studio. After working on all kind of web projects, I’ve started a Freelance career in 2009 in addition to my Art Director day job, opening new doors in the design marketplaces.

Photo Manipulations by Laura Ferreira

Laura Ferreira is a photographer and digital artist who specialises in fashion, portrait, and commercial photography, as well as conceptual and digital art.

Camouflage by Carsten Witte

Amazing photo manipulated beauty photography by Carsten Witte from Hamburg, Germany. Enjoy ;)

Digital art by Sadeq Khanchi

Creative digital artworks and photo manipulations by Sadeq Khanchi from Mashhad, Iran. Enjoy ;)

End of the World Photo Manipulations

Today’s collection is going to be kind of dark as we’ll be presenting photo manipulations / digital artworks on how the end of the world or life after a large catastrophe could possibly look like. The creativity has no boundaries and that’s exactly what it feels like after viewing featured artworks. Anyway, scroll through and get inspired. Drop us a comment or two .). Enjoy!

Matches on fire by Poltergejst

Creative fire photography and photo manipulations showcase by Poltergejst. Enjoy ;)

Digital artworks by Alexis Persani

Creative digital artworks and photo manipulations by Alexis Persani from Paris, France. Enjoy :)

Digital artworks by Robin Lako

My name is Robin. I am 15 years old, and I come from Bochum (Germany). I work with Photoshop since I am 10 years old, but just for a half year I create Wallpapers and more.. The past 4 Years I just tried some “cool” things in Photoshop which were not really “cool” .. more like : “LOOK I CAN USE A BRUSH!” So, i think for my age I am OK! But I still have to learn much – and yes, I will! Greets :)

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