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Mesmerizing presence of Silk Flowers

Are you looking for something which will create a lively atmosphere around your office or home? Then you might find some wonderful looking silk flowers here which will provide you all this. These flowers don't require anything in terms of maintenance.

Celestial Glow Dark Step Stone

\”Lovely by day, and magical by night— place this celestial plaque in a sunny spot to enjoy a beautiful glow-in-the-dark moon and stars image! Stone-look circular plaque makes a beautiful stepping stone. A striking piece of garden art! Polyresin. 10 1/2\” diameter x 1/2\” thick.


Natural pleasant scenery

Chicago in Photos

Chicago Millennium Park

Stairway to Heaven

The steps include more than 2,000 handmade tiles and 75,000 fragments of stained glass, mirrors, and tiles.

Olfactory mapping

The project, for these reasons, is a compelling investigation both of abstract, experiential modes of mapping, and of the sensory relationship of spatial and olfactory phenomena.

Spectacular ‘cloud tsunami’ in Florida

Spectacular ‘cloud tsunami’ in Florida

Absolutely Gorgeous Mountain Reflections

Who knew mountains were so visually stunning? Photographer Jack Brauer has an interest in mountains that has preceded his love of photography, but now the two passions have come together in one explosive portfolio. The Colorado native has taken some of the most breathtaking photos of mountainous landscapes around the world, traveling from Norway to Turkey and all across the United States.

Awesome Landscape photography by Lonna Tucker

Hot clean landscape photography by Lonna Tucker. Got to see that.

Sheikh’s name in sand visible from space

Sheikh’s name in sand visible from space

The garden climbs the stairs

A dynamic shape of nature: the garden climbs the stairs, running in undulating lines of different textures and colors. It moves in time and with the seasons. Its lush planting cascades down as though the garden was flowing or melting, bleeding the colors into each other. It is a garden of contrasts: the contrast between native and exotic plants, between the red flowers and the green grass, between the green grass and the grey paving.

Beautiful Landscapes by Brian Caine

Brian Caine is a self taught photographer and an outdoor enthusiast with a deep appreciation of nature and wildlife.

New York Skyline

This will be the New York landscape in 2012. Notice there is a new building that is just as tall as the Empire State Building? that's 15 Penn Plaza, but right now ESB owners are petitioning it to be limited to a certain height. As of now, it will be 40 shorter than the Empire State Building, but they don't want it that high.


Straight out of a Western movie with Shoot-em-up cowboys, this scenic desert mountain looks somewhere like Arizona or the like. It is a part of landscape photographs of different mountains to study erosion.

Maze Garden

One way to enhance the beauty of a house is by attending a garden at our courtyard. House becomes barren and gives the shady impression. Especially when the summer arrives. For this reason Lutsko Associates create a garden on an urban residential in San Fransisco. The concept of this project is outdoor architecture for everyday living, maximizes the impact and experience of a small space.

European Treehouse

In Europe, this treehouse stands alone in a large field with a open landscape for a nice sunset view. The view from the treehouse gives the view of green nature and large trees.

Land Art by Sylvain Meyer

Swiss artist Sylvain Meyer uses the very earth as his canvas, and found elements of nature as his ink. The result is beautifully integrated art that is completely eco friendly, ephemeral and breathtaking.

Gigantic Sinkhole Opens Up in Guatemala City

This sinkhole posted to the Guatemalan Government’s Flickr appeared last sunday in a street intersection in Zone 2 of Guatemala City.

Simple and Beautiful Courtyard Garden

As we know that garden is an important element to add the beauty of the house, so need a match between house style with a garden type. Courtyard garden is one of simple garden type that only needs small area of our house, usually we place it in front of a house, on the left or right side of the house, or even in the center of the house. Simple and no need a lot of time to maintain it. But we have participated on global warming preventing program, beside decorating our house.

Matthew Albanese – Modeling World

Matthew Albanese’s photos of dramatic landscapes are gorgeous, but they are not what they first seem to be. These are meticulously hand-made models.

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