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Sony’s Bottled Walkman

In a clever marketing first, DraftFCB had the idea to package Sony's waterproof MP3 players in water bottles and sell them via vending machine at public gyms and pools.

Perrier By Warhol

Perrier has collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to create Perrier by Warhol–a limited-edition series of Perrier packaging based on Warhol’s original works.

Gordon\’s Gin X Conrans: Ten Green Bottles

Inspired by Gordon\'s superior gin, the Conran design team has created ten quintessentially British reinventions of the brand\'s iconic green bottle. Here\'s a look at what went into designing these limited edition bottles with hand-applied labels.

Perelman Pencil Set

Using a portrait of Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman by artist Jules Julian, designers Alan Temiraev and Volodenka Zotov created a beautifully designed pencil set. It is designed so that when intact, the eight individually boxed graphite pencils make up an illustrated portrait of the Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman, famous for solving the the legendary Poincaré Conjecture.*