GoPro Hero Camera

GoPro Hero Camera

Strap on the GoPro Hero camera and capture your view on-the-go. Film your life, your travels, your sports, your excitement, from your pov. The 1080p30 and 720p60 video and 5MP photos up to 5 fps gives this camera the quality you'll like, Both dirt and water are protected from with its rugged design. Being waterproof waterproof up to 40 meters and weighing only 3.9 oz are also pluses. Read more…

SUMMER SKI-with the new skike Lift

SUMMER SKI-with the new skike Lift

Skike, the new outdoor activity is rapidly spreading among skaters and ski enthusiasts worldwide. It is a sport which unifies a healthy living, body culture and social interaction into an unique experience. Skikes are light Nordic Skates with air wheels that can be used for off road as well as on road tours, have a high quality at reasonable prices and offer unparalleled fun. Everybody can skike, young and old at any level of athletic appearance.
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CircleTime calendar


This new round calendar is a historic milestone in time presentation, that shows us time in all its natural beauty. Its simplicity and clarity aside, it truly catches the eye with its amazing graphics and modern design. The main features of this increasingly popular app are:

• A round, spinning calendar

The idea of placing dates sequentially into a rotatable circle is our award-winning innovation. This is the first time in history that we can traverse through time in such a unique, yet intuitive fashion. No more clunky rows and columns!

• Circular time presentation

A round calendar which displays time like a clock does – on a daily, monthly and annual basis, makes the time presentation more complete and comprehensive so it is consequently faster to read all the relevant info.

• Measuring arbitrary time intervals

Finding out how many days there are between two arbitrary dates is as simple as tapping one and the other. CircleTime utilises arcs to visually complement this presentation in a sensible manner.

• Unique clock view with events

Arcs are also used to visually represent the time of day, day length and those events which are listed in the scrollable table for the belonging day. Switching between days is simplified with finger swipes in the appropriate direction.

• Time tracker

Another novelty feature is the option to manually “record” events in progress. Great for keeping track on how much time we spend on a particular activity.

In short: Event planning has never been this fun and simple!Read more…