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Bruno Walpoth Brings Wood To Life In His Contemporary Human Sculptures.

Italian sculptor Bruno Walpoth\'s ability to turn a hunk of wood into a lifelike looking figure is impressive to say the least. His sculpted and painted busts and human forms are anything but \”wooden.\” They seem to be imbued with emotion, capable of possessing a soul and striking the viewer as pensive, thoughtful – even melancholy.

30 Uniquely Carved Baseball Bats for Turnaround

\'Turnaround\' by Vincent Kohler focuses on the theme of the baseball bat. A a collection of thirty baseball bats, each in unique form, were turned on a lathe using different species of woods. A book combining texts by various authors and photographs was specially done on the subject for this project.

Gangredine Consumptus by Rotganzen

The words of such lethal poisons as radon, arsenic, benzene and tobacco are cast in translucent colored resin and placed upon wooden sticks so they resemble lollipops by art collective Rotganzen in this project titled Gangredine Consumptus.