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Pinatas So Amazing, You Won’t Want To Hit Them

Handmade in Southern California, Whack Piñatas are perfect for adults or kids and come in everything from Characters to food to custom.

Winners of the International 2013-2014 Canstruction Competition.

A look at the winners of the 2013-2014 International Canstruction Competition in which designers and architects create sculptures with canned goods to create hunger awareness.

Brandalism by artist Antonio Brasko

Brandalism. Branded Spray Paint Cans are a study of the influence that street art and graffiti have on fashion by artist Antonio Brasko. Each is available as signed cans or screen prints.

A Grisly Grizzly and Other Bare Bears by Deborah Simon

Artist Deborah Simon's Flayed Bears combine taxidermy, science and embroidery.


Dan Webb is a Seattle based artist producing hyper-real sculptures made from wood. – See more at:

The Alphabet & Northwest Native Flora and Fauna Carved Into Crayons by Diem Chau.

Artist Diem Chau has carved yet another amazing set of crayons. This time, it's the complete alphabet along with flora and fauna (and a person or two) corresponding to each of the 26 letters and all related to the Great Northwest.

Bruno Walpoth Brings Wood To Life In His Contemporary Human Sculptures.

Italian sculptor Bruno Walpoth\'s ability to turn a hunk of wood into a lifelike looking figure is impressive to say the least. His sculpted and painted busts and human forms are anything but \”wooden.\” They seem to be imbued with emotion, capable of possessing a soul and striking the viewer as pensive, thoughtful – even melancholy.

30 Uniquely Carved Baseball Bats for Turnaround

\'Turnaround\' by Vincent Kohler focuses on the theme of the baseball bat. A a collection of thirty baseball bats, each in unique form, were turned on a lathe using different species of woods. A book combining texts by various authors and photographs was specially done on the subject for this project.

Typographic Graffiti Fish Tank

London artist Zeus, known for redefining Graffiti and his unusual blend of typography and sculpture, created this fabulous three dimensional typographic Graffiti Fish tank.

Fully 3D Printed Mobiles

Fully 3D printed mobile by Marco Mahler and Henry Segerman

Google Maps Goes 3D

The Google Maps team adds another dimension to their office decor with the help of a talented Irish artisan.

Chris Evans Parker Puppet Unveiled In Support Of Breast Cancer Care.

Thunderbirds Fans can get their own signed Parker Puppet as part of the FAB 1 Charity for Breast Cancer care

Human Hardware Cast In Bronze. Tongues, Ears and Hands Handles and Drawer Pulls.

Brooklyn-based artist and sculptor Malia Jensen has created some interesting functional art for the home. Drawer pulls and door handles cast in bronze and patinated bronze are shaped like human tongues, ears and hands. The unique hardware is made in only 100 editions of each.

The Winners, Finalists and Best of the 2013 Peeps Show VII

A look at the chosen winner of The Washington Post\'s Annual Peeps Show VII, the finalists and a few picks that should have been honored like this one, The Peeping, an homage to Stanley Kubrick\'s The Shining.

Chairs, Clothes and Objects Made Entirely Of Paper By Vincent Tomczyk.

Artist Vincent Tomczyk crafts super realistic actual size Chairs, clothes and objects entirely from various types of painted paper.

The DWR Champagne Cork Chair Contest Winners, Finalists and Honorable Mentions.

A look at the three winners, seven finalists and seven honorable mentions of Design Within Reach\'s 2013 Champagne Chair Contest.

Gangredine Consumptus by Rotganzen

The words of such lethal poisons as radon, arsenic, benzene and tobacco are cast in translucent colored resin and placed upon wooden sticks so they resemble lollipops by art collective Rotganzen in this project titled Gangredine Consumptus.

Floating fish – wire sculpture

Floating fish – is a sculpture made out of wire creatide by Abd A. Masoud in Vienna

Andrew Myers Screw Portraits

Artist Andrew Myers uses anywhere from 8,000 – 10,000 screws (which he then hand paints) drilled into boards to create thoughtful portraits of men and women.

Imaginary Rock Collection

New 3D printed imaginary rock collection created by Seedling Design.

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