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Nail Art Designs 2014

Fashionable Nail Art Designs 2014.

Nail Art Designs 2014

Fashionable Nail Art Designs 2014.

Best Mascara For Every Kind of Lash You Could Want

Each woman has a favorite kind of eyelash based on which looks best on her, or which she wants to try for the night. Some women want to have curled eyelashes, while others try to achieve length, and others still just want a ton of volume – See more at:

Banksy’s Webby Award Acceptance Video

To accept his Webby for Person of the Year, Banksy made this video about his Residency in New York City.

Sotheby’s To Auction Rare Stradivarius Viola

Reputed auction house Sotheby's expects to fetch a record-breaking price for a rare Stradivarius viola $45 million.

Dowsing Pendulums

Natural Agate is one of the bset online agate store for different types of dowsing pendulums like, Chakra Pendulums, Gemstone Pendulums, Metal Pendulums, etc. Visit store

25 Wild Body Art Illusions Made With Acrylic Paint

Artist Hiraku Cho creates 3D illusions on the human body by painting directly onto the skin with acrylic paints without the use of photoshop.

Cahiers d’Art to Republish the Zervos Picasso Catalogue

Cahiers d’Art, one of the world’s most distinguished publishers of the visual arts, announced that 'The Zervos' Picasso Catalogue will be reprinted and distributed exclusively through the Sotheby's Auction House.

The Lids Are A Canvas for Make-Up Artist Tal Peleg

Inspired by fairy tales and pop culture, Israeli make-up artist Tal Peleg tells stories with her expertly applied eye make-up.

The Mercury Project: Dancers Painted Silver Form Ballet Imagery for the West Australian Ballet’s 2014 Program.

West Australian Ballet collaborated with Artist and Photographer Emma Hack to create a series of striking images for its 2014 program.
WAB commissioned the well-known body illustrator and artist who painted the dancers' g-string clad bodies in silver and then positioned them so that they created human sculptures to represent next years' performances.

Jeff Koons creates artwork for Dom Pérignon

Jeff Koons creates artwork for Dom Pérignon

2013 SI Swimsuit Models Wearing Nothing But Body Paint

Make Up artist and body illustrator Joanne Gair displays her talent on a new crop of Sports illustrated swimsuit models for 2013. Photographed by Walter Iooss Jr., these six models are wearing bathing suits made completely of body paint.

Lesser chance of ovarian cancer with tea

Survey has been led by Andy Lee who works as professor at Curtin School of Public Health has informed that these 1000 women have been given green.

Shockingly Real Zombie Makeup

Now this is what is called as turning makeup into art where these ordinary men and women do not look any less than true Zombies. Not for the faint of heart.

Body Painter Emma Hack Goes POP!

The latest collection of works by Australian body illustrator Emma Hack was inspired by the Pop Art comic-style of Roy Lichtenstein. In these 12 pieces, her heroines\' painted bodies blend in with their backgrounds seamlessly.

Wound healing protein

Boca Health understands that eating less and exercising more doesn’t work for everyone. In many cases, there are underlying medical conditions that hinder or completely stop the weight loss process.

Positive Parenting Education Program

Positive Parenting Education Program


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Snow Circles by Sonja Hinrichsen

Amazing massive piece of snow-art by artist Sonja Hinrichsen at Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado

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