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About FreshBump

Freshbump is a daily visual inspiration source for industries including, but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture, Computer Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography.

Freshbump is a social news media site that facilitates community driven content promotion and prioritizes posts based on the collective view of our userbase.

Posting Guide
If you would like to ensure your posts appear on the site, please follow the guidelines below…

  • Choose visually interesting items to submit
  • Choose fresh (new) news
  • Make sure that the image you submit is larger than 300×250 so that it does not become pixelated when we thumbnail it
  • Write a clear, concise description outlining who created the work, what it is, and why it’s interesting
  • Wait for your post to appear on Freshbump

Please send all inquires to hello (at)