33 Totally Do-Able D.I.Y. Projects For Your Pets

33 Totally Do-Able D.I.Y. Projects For Your Pets

2. A Modern Pet Crate Coffee Table


5. The Hard Work Pays Off Automatic Cat Feeder

Designed with an over-eating cat in mind, this feeder requires some work for the cat for a few pieces of kibble. This might also be a fun project for treats! Read about how to make it a Instructables.

6. Homemade “Cinnamon Bun” Dog Biscuits

Recipe celebrating National Dog Day.

11. Kitty Crack: Super Concentrated Catnip Extract

Instructables has the instructables for this evil concoction.

14. Comfy Dog Kennel Bed

What a great idea!

16. Upcycled Side Table Pet Bed

Genius, Better Homes & Gardens!

17. Vintage Suitcase Dog (or Cat) Bed

The Gold Jellybean.

18. Cactus Costume for a Hedgehog

Hedgehog not included.

19. Dog Vest / Backpack (From Cargo Shorts!)

Innovative idea and steps on Instructables.

20. Patchwork Pet Bed

Major props to Apartment Therapy for this adorable patchwork dog bed.

21. Cardboard Cat Rocket

Apartment Therapy

23. A Doggie T-Shirt From An Old Tee

Step-by-step at Instructables.

24. Flax Seed Dog Biscuits

Courtesy of White on Rice.

25. Four-Poster Pet Bed

Instructions on converting an old table to one of these beauties at Junk Camp.

28. Doggie Approved Peanut Butter Treats

Nom nom from Aromatic Delights.

30. Gumball Machine Fish Tank


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